Organizing Principles

Organizing Principles

  1. Community organizing is a core tenet of Islam

Islam emerged as a social movement to uplift and empower the downtrodden in a society that was doing precisely the opposite. Thereby, Islam served as a force that equalized and unified people, without regard to race, class, ethnicity, or gender. 

Through our GOTV operations, we seek to revive this Islamic spirit. We strive to follow in the way of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) whose life serves as the best of examples of what organizing through an ethic of compassion can look like for our future generations. 

  1. Muslim Americans are a vital part of the national voting bloc in America

Muslim Americans have existed in the United States since this nation’s inception. Political officials at all levels of government must engage with our community critically because they know that our votes and our issues are instrumental to the health of American democracy. 

Learning how to build our power, and harness our potential, is crucial. That is what MMV 2.0 seeks to accomplish. 

  1. The bigger we organize, the better we mobilize

The primary concept behind the MMV campaign is that if Muslim Americans turn out in large numbers, we are more likely to have our ideals represented. 

  1. The work does not end, but rather starts at the ballot box

Voting alone will not solve our community’s political challenges. It is our hope that voting catalyzes a movement towards increased political literacy, engagement with elected officials, and community-wide policy-focused education and conversations. 

In conclusion, the MMV campaign is building education and energy to continue the necessary work in our communities between elections.